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Surgical Precision: the Role of Glass Hospital Doors in Operating Rooms
In the fast-paced and high-stakes environment of operating rooms, every detail matters. From the skill of the surgeon to the efficiency of the medical equipment, everything plays a crucial role in ens...
21 02-2024
Preserving Freshness: The Role of Food Additives in Extending Shelf Life
In today's fast-paced world, where access to fresh produce may be limited and food waste is a growing concern, the use of food additives plays a crucial role in preserving the freshness and extend...
17 02-2024
Health-conscious Choices: Suppliers Delivering Functional Food Additives
Prioritizing Health in Food ChoicesConsumers today are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact their food choices have on their health and well-being. With the rise of various dietary restrictio...
17 02-2024
Colorful Creations: Food Additives' Impact on Aesthetics in Culinary Delights
The Art of Food Presentation Goes Beyond TasteIn the world of culinary delights, a visually appealing dish can have as much impact on our enjoyment as its taste. The art of food presentation has evolv...
15 02-2024
Pediatric Precision: Adapting Sliding Hospital Doors for Child-friendly Hospital Areas
The Importance of Child-Friendly Hospital AreasIn the realm of healthcare, creating a safe and comfortable environment is crucial to ensure optimal healing for young patients. The design and functiona...
15 02-2024
Infection Control: the Vital Role of Sliding Hospital Doors in Isolation Rooms
In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, ensuring the safety and well-being of patients is of utmost importance. One crucial aspect of achieving this goal is effective infection control. In the battl...
09 02-2024
Swift Solutions: PVC High-Speed Doors in Industrial Warehouses
Industrial warehouses require efficient and durable doors that can withstand the rigorous demands of daily operations. PVC High-Speed Doors from DOOR ANGEL offer a groundbreaking solution to enhance p...
03 02-2024
Safety First: Navigating Food Additive Suppliers With a Focus on Quality
In today's fast-paced and consumer-driven world, the demand for processed foods has skyrocketed. As a result, the use of food additives has become increasingly prevalent to enhance flavor, improve...
02 02-2024
Beyond Basics: Innovative Applications of Animal Feed Additives in Agriculture
Animal feed additives have long played a crucial role in enhancing livestock health, growth, and productivity. These innovative solutions aid in addressing nutritional deficiencies, improving feed eff...
27 01-2024
Finfish Fitness: Navigating the Applications of Feed Additives in Aquaculture
The Vital Role of Feed Additives in AquacultureAs the demand for seafood continues to rise, the aquaculture industry faces numerous challenges to meet this mounting pressure. Among these challenges, m...
20 01-2024
Healthy Herds: Exploring the Impact of Feed Additives on Cattle Nutrition
Keeping cattle healthy and ensuring optimal nutrition is essential for farmers who rely on healthy herds to generate revenue. In recent years, the use of animal feed additives has gained popularity in...
19 01-2024
Resilient and Reliable: Plastic Garage Doors in Extreme Weather Conditions
Extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on our homes and properties, especially when it comes to our garage doors. When faced with high winds, heavy snowfall, and even intense heat, it is crucial t...
15 01-2024
Budget-Friendly Brilliance: Plastic Garage Doors for Affordable Home Solutions
When it comes to home improvement, finding budget-friendly solutions can be a challenge. However, with the rise of innovative materials and technologies, affordable options are becoming increasingly a...
11 01-2024
Healing Views: Glass Hospital Doors in Rehabilitation and Recovery Spaces
In healthcare facilities, creating a conducive environment for patients' recovery and rehabilitation is of utmost importance. Various elements come together to facilitate a calming and soothing at...
07 01-2024
Swine Success: Optimizing Pig Farming With Specialized Feed Additives
In the quest for achieving top-quality pork production, pig farmers are constantly seeking innovative ways to boost the growth, health, and overall performance of their herds. One important factor tha...
06 01-2024
Privacy and Clarity: Glass Hospital Doors in ICU Settings for Observational Care
In today's modern healthcare settings, providing optimal care to patients becomes a top priority. Ensuring both privacy and clarity in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is crucial for patients' we...
03 01-2024
Why Use a Traffic Door?
In the bustling world of commercial spaces, finding ways to improve efficiency and ensure smooth traffic flow is crucial. One effective solution that businesses are increasingly turning to is the use ...
12 12-2023
How Do I Know Which Industrial Swing Door Is Right for My Application?
When it comes to selecting the right industrial swing door for your application, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the various options available. Whether you need a swing door for a warehouse...
28 11-2023
Why Choose an Automatic Clean Room Sliding Doors?
Doors are essential parts of cleanrooms because they keep the controlled clean environment sealed of unwanted contaminator particles. Clean room doors must meet some basic standards to ensure proper f...
14 11-2023
How to Choose the Right Cold Storage Door for Your Needs?
When it comes to cold storage facilities, one crucial component that requires careful consideration is the choice of the cold storage door. Cold storage doors play a significant role in maintaining th...
19 10-2023
How to Select Cross Corridor Doors for Maximum Security?
When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of a building, choosing the right doors is crucial. One type of door that plays a vital role in enhancing security is cross corridor doors. These door...
12 10-2023
When Should you Select an Overhead Sectional Door?
Choosing the right type of door for your commercial or industrial space is crucial for ensuring functionality, security, and efficiency. One popular option that offers numerous benefits is the overhea...
19 09-2023
What Type of Door is Best for a Clean Room?
Clean rooms are critical environments that require stringent control over contamination. Whether it's a pharmaceutical facility, a research laboratory, or a semiconductor manufacturing plant, main...
12 09-2023
What Are the Types of Industrial Swing Doors and What Are Their Components?
Today, we are going to introduce the industrial swing door, which is widely used in various industries as an outward opening door. It is usually seen in large doors such as industrial plants and wareh...
29 05-2023
Assembly and Precautions for Industrial Swing Doors
Installation of Industrial Swing Doors1. Adjust the door leaf at various parts to the required dimensions while standing vertically in the opening. The door leaf should be kept vertical.2. Initially s...
26 05-2023
Application Characteristics, Advantages, and Operation Modes of the Industrial Swing Door
Application characteristics of industrial swing doorsIndustrial swing doors are suitable for general industrial plants, steel frame warehouses, transformer rooms and other auxiliary buildings that req...
22 05-2023
Basic Knowledge of Fire Doors
Fire doors refer to doors that can meet the requirements of fire stability, integrity, and insulation within a certain period of time.Overview of fire doorsTypes and levels of fire doors:According to ...
15 05-2023
What Is a Cold Storage Door? What Are the Types of Cold Storage Doors?
What is a cold storage door?A cold storage door refers to a door that is installed in a freezing environment such as a cold storage equipment or a freezer room, which serves the function of heat prese...
08 05-2023
The Importance of Cold Storage Doors
Function of Cold Storage DoorsThe production and installation of cold storage doors are important aspects of the overall cold storage installation project. The cold storage door is the face of the bui...
01 05-2023
Should the Fire Doors in Residential Buildings' Hallways be Closed or Left Open?
In our daily life, there is a door that should always be kept closed. Do you know which one it is? It's the fire door that is normally closed. However, many people often leave it open for convenie...
09 03-2023
How to Choose an Industrial Door: Tips and Advice
Industrial door comes in a wide variety of types. Choosing the right industrial door is an important question. Here we introduce several principles for purchasing industrial doors.1. Principle of indu...
02 03-2023
Tips for Daily Protection of Industrial Door
Industrial door is commonly used facilities for enterprises, suitable for industries with high requirements for opening speed, insulation, sound insulation, sealing, wind resistance, etc., such as var...
23 02-2023
Development Trends of Industrial Door Technology
1. Industrial door requires more professional designThe standardization of industrial production requires industrial doors to have a more professional team of designers and technicians.2. Industrial d...
16 02-2023
Key Points and Analysis of Different Industrial Door Functions for Regular Maintenance
Focus on Regular Maintenance of Industrial DoorEvery three months, all screws including springs, hinges, and door panels of industrial doors must be re-tightened.Every three months, adjust the pulleys...
09 02-2023
Design, Production, and Inspection of Hospital Room Door
Beds in hospital wards are visited by wheelchairs, stretchers, and medicine carts almost every day, which inevitably causes bumps, scratches, and damages to wooden doors and their frames. Within a sho...
02 02-2023
Basic Requirements for Using Specific Doors for Hospitals
According to the special situation of hospitals, the hospital door must meet the following requirements:1. The fixing of the hospital door and door frames must be sturdy and solid.One of the biggest f...
26 01-2023
What Are the Requirements for Steel Door for Hospitals?
With the development of the economy, society and healthcare industry, people's demands for self-health management and hospital environment and facilities are increasingly high.Today, hospitals are...
19 01-2023
How to Choose a Hospital Door?
Hospital doors are mainly used in the public space of hospitals. For special places in hospitals, the flow of people is large, patients are dense, and collisions or cross-infections are prone to occur...
12 01-2023
Advantages and Positioning Methods of Fast Roller Shutter Doors
Ⅰ. The safety advantages of fast roller shutter doorsThe fast roller shutter door is known as the safety door of modern buildings, and it is used in modern intelligent complex buildings and buildings...
05 01-2023
How to Choose a Fast Roller Shutter Doors Manufacturer?
In order not to suffer from being fooled, and can't buy value-for-money fast roller shutter doors, let’s learn how to choose a fast rolling door manufacturer? These are all dry goods, take a smal...
08 12-2022
The Selection and Use of Fast Roller Shutter Doors
Nowadays, fast roller shutter doors have been used in many places, providing great convenience for people's lives, so they are very popular among users. However, many users do not know how to choo...
18 08-2022
Excellent Features of PVC Fast Roller Shutter Doors
Nowadays, many companies like to buy PVC soft-curtain quick-rolling doors when purchasing PVC quick-rolling doors. What are the characteristics and advantages of it that make everyone love it? Let'...
04 08-2022
What is the Necessity of the Cold Storage Door for the Cold Storage?
Ⅰ. Necessary conditions to be considered in cold storage door cold storageInsulation and waterproofing, preventing thermal bridges and reducing energy consumption driving force; convenient transporta...
19 07-2022
Medical Clean Doors Are Deeply Loved by Consumers Due to Their Good Characteristics
As we all know, medical clean room doors are more and more widely used in various industries, because they use high-quality thickened stainless steel raw materials in production design, and the techno...
05 07-2022
Standards and Quality Requirements During the Installation of Clean Room Doors
Ⅰ. Standard requirements before and during the installation of automatic clean room doorsWhat are the installation quality requirements for automatic clean room doors? The wide use of automatic doors...
20 06-2022
Classification and Correct Use of Industrial Doors
Industrial doors have good thermal insulation and sealing properties, and are now used in various industries. So how to use industrial doors safely and correctly:1. How to use the industrial door safe...
06 06-2022
Commissioning and Safe Operation of Fast Rolling Shutter Doors
The fast rolling shutter door is a product of the modern factory workshop. With the continuous development of product technology, the design, production and installation time are reduced, and the work...
18 05-2022
What is the Opening Signal of the Medical Automatic Cleanroom Door?
The door opening signal of the medical automatic clean room door is a contact signal. Microwave radar and infrared sensors are two commonly used signal sources. Microwave radar responds to the displac...
04 05-2022
Requirements for Air Tightness of the Cleanroom Door in the Operating Room
Airtightness is very important for the performance indicators of the cleanroom door in the operating room and is one of its quality metrics. Its airtightness strength is closely related to the materia...
19 04-2022
Several Precautions for Installing the Cleanroom Door in the Operating Room
1. The cleanroom door in the operating room should be a high-quality productThe cleanroom door in the operating room has a high technological content. However, the reliability of its mechanical equipm...
05 04-2022
How to Select the Rolling Fire Door?
Rolling shutter door is the most common product in many shops. With the innovation of technology, rolling fire doors have been launched on the market one after another. So what is it like? Today, let&...
08 03-2022
XINYI's Impact Traffic Doors Are Trustworthy
XINYI's impact traffic doors in the industry has been unanimously praised, because it is very convenient in daily work.1. Stainless steel impact traffic doors are in line with the food industry he...
21 02-2022
How to Solve the Sealing Problem of Fast Roller Shutter Doors?
The application of fast roller shutter doors in factory construction has many advantages and is suitable for its factory building. In addition to improving the accuracy and automation level, the fast ...
07 02-2022
We Offer Comprehensive Types Of rolling Doors
BEIJING, March 8 ( Xinhua ) --China is accelerating the construction of " new infrastructure, " which is expected to bring new drivers for the economy
27 10-2020
We Have Comprehensive Types Ofrolling Doors
BEIJING, March 8 ( Xinhua ) --China is accelerating the construction of " new infrastructure, " which is expected to bring new drivers for the economy
14 10-2020
Dongguan Xinyi Door Co, Ltd Is A Company With Features Of Design , Sales And Service. Our Doors Are Widely Used In Hotels
BEIJING, March 8 ( Xinhua ) --China is accelerating the construction of " new infrastructure, " which is expected to bring new drivers for the economy
18 09-2020
Dongguan Xinyi Door Co, Ltd Is A Company With Features Of Design Sales, And Service. Our Doors Are Widely Used In Hotels
BEIJING, March 8 ( Xinhua ) --China is accelerating the construction of " new infrastructure, " which is expected to bring new drivers for the economy
29 08-2020