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Material and Design of HPL Doors

Material and Design of HPL Doors

Introduction of HPL door materials

There are many kinds of HPL door materials, including wood (HPL board), steel (galvanized steel), fireproof board, stainless steel (mainly used as lead door). The most widely used HPL door material are wood and steel.

The advantages of using wood for HPL doors are as follows: Considering the processing technology, HPL doors are designed with more styles and many colors to choose from. Not only simple colors, but also many wood grain colors and patterns can be used. Similarly, there are more options for windows, round, square, rectangular, and even special-shaped windows can be used.

HPL doors are suitable for medical office doors, medical toilet doors, etc. The products are all made of fireproof board material, which has the characteristics of impact resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fire proof and antibacterial, and easy cleaning.

HPL Door Design Features

1. Door cladding CPL fireproof antibacterial board

(1) The surface material is a heat-curing high-density resin material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and formaldehyde-free.

(2) Strong wear resistance

(3) BIO mineral antibacterial

(4) Acid and alkali resistance

(5) Fireproof (fireproof level reaches Class II)

(6) UV protection, no discoloration

(7) Anti-static

(8) Colorful

2. Toughening of the door edge: Since the corners of the door are easily damaged, Aluminum alloy edging is added to strengthen the steel. Compared with the traditional edging method, HPL door is stronger, no moisture absorption, no deformation, anti-cracking, more beautiful and durable.

3. We can also add stainless steel anti-collision belts to the vulnerable parts according to requirements. Compared with colloidal anti-collision belts, it is not aging, discoloring, deforming, slagging, and durable.

4. The internal structure of the door is a high-density composite board with grid filling, which is stronger than the traditional honeycomb structure, is moisture-proof, prevents deformation and prevents hollowing.

5. The door cover and the doorstop line of the door panel are protected by aluminum alloy to prevent bumps and scratches after the operation vehicle collides.

6. Both the unequal double doors and the side-opening doors use opposite strips, sound-absorbing and sound-proof strips, which are conducive for patients to resting in a quiet environment.

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