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The Characteristics and Differences Between Modern Industrial Door and Industrial Roll Up Garage Door

The Characteristics and Differences Between Modern Industrial Door and Industrial Roll Up Garage Door

The industrial door is consist of a series of door planks that rise along the track. The main balance of the industrial door is ensured by the handlebar spring system or counterweight system. The tracks should be as close to the interior of the building as possible, to save a lot of interior space. Industrial lift doors can be designed in a variety of ways, depending on the size and shape of the building. The way to rise and fall an industrial door can be selected according to the size of the door opening, the space above the door opening, the side space of the entrance and exit and the depth of the entrance and exit. According to the actual situation of the construction site, and the owner's space use requirements, to realize the standard lifting, high lifting, vertical lifting, inclined lifting and other lifting methods, maximize the reasonable use of space requirements.

Ⅰ. The characteristics of the industrial door

The design of industrial-style doors should be in accordance with the operating requirements in different environments and different operations. It is very convenient of installing an industrial door, and it only covers a limited area of space, which can help us to save more space. There are also very convenient tracks to use. The industrial door is also very stable and is not easily deformed In the process of use, and their service life is also relatively long.

Ⅱ. Features of industrial roll up garage doors

1. Surface treatment process of industrial roll up garage doors: It adopts surface baking paint treatment, durable and abrasion-resistant, anti-sunshine, and anti-rain, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, and can rebound and recover after a slight collision. The manufacturer also use electrostatic powder spraying, with anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, easy to clean, long color durability and other characteristics. The outer damaged single curtain can be replaced, ensuring that the lighting profile is added between the curtains so that your car can be bathed in the sun while being safe.

2. Industrial rolling door uses 220V or 110V AC tubular motors, which are power-saving, safe, and have a good mute effect. In addition, this door can be equipped with UPS backup power supply, so as to the door can be opened normally in the case of power outages.

3. Safety protection device: You can choose to install an infrared counter radiation system and wireless remote control device.  There is an anti-theft chain device which is independent research and development in our industrial roll-up garage door. The door itself achieves the prevention of thievery, which is more safe, and easy to operate.

4. A variety of installation methods: Options include external installation, internal installation, middle installation, and installation, and this kind of garage doors space requirements are not high, nor occupy the internal space of the industrial roll up garage doors. It's easy to install and has fast construction speed, beautiful and fashion appearance, and also very modern sense, highlight personal taste.

Ⅲ. The difference between industrial doors and industrial roll up garage doors

1. Industrial door has higher requirements in bearing performance, area utilization rate, and safety performance than garage doors. But in the overall appearance, the requirements of industrial roll-up garage doors are much higher than that of industrial doors.

2. Axis difference. Industrial doors use solid shafts, while industrial roll-up garage doors use hollow shafts or thicker shafts.

3. Different application fields. The industrial door is mainly suitable for large-scale storage, logistics, food, factories, and other production enterprises. It supports large-scale storage. Ordinary garage doors are mainly suitable for family garages and shops.

4. Different driving modes of motors. Industrial doors are driven by a gearbox to increase torque, and industrial roll-up garage doors are driven by a motor.

5. The torque of the motor (bearing capacity) is different. The motor of Industrial roll up garage door is N, industrial doors must bear more weight, generally use N*M as a unit.