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Common Problems in the Use of Industrial Doors

Common Problems in the Use of Industrial Doors

There are many types of industrial doors produced by industrial door companies, and industrial doors are all used in industrial plants. Industrial plants have very high requirements for the opening speed, heat preservation, sound insulation, sealing and wind resistance of industrial doors. What requirements can the use performance of industrial doors meet? In the following content, we will introduce you in detail. Knowledge, problems often encountered when using industrial doors and some solutions.

Many failures occur when industrial doors are in use.

Ⅰ. Idling of industrial door motor

1. Fault performance: After we press the switch, the motor runs, but the door does not move.

2. Possible reasons for this failure:

(1) The rivet connecting the motor drive sleeve of the industrial door to the motor falls off;

(2) The short piece connecting the motor shaft and the door body falls off.

3. The solution is to re-fix the industrial door rivets or short pieces according to the actual situation. In other cases, when the key of the industrial door remote control is pressed, the motor does not work normally, and the industrial door cannot be opened or closed. In this case, we must first check whether the battery of the remote control is charged, if it is a battery problem, we can replace it; then check whether the power cord of the motor is connected; if the power cord is also connected, then we will Check the motor. If there is a problem with the motor, it should be repaired by professional personnel. And these malfunctions tend to be in roller shutter door industries. After the industrial door fails, we need to check from these aspects and deal with it accordingly.

Ⅱ. The motor of the industrial door does not operate normally

The motor of the industrial door has a continuous buzzing sound. This problem occurs because it is not running. When such a problem occurs, first check the power circuit. If there is no problem, contact the industrial door company for maintenance;

Ⅲ. The valve of the industrial door is stuck

The main reason is that the reverse rotation and the limit switch are not adjusted correctly, so the valve stuck. The solution is to use the transfer in operation to open the stuck valve in the position where the valve is open.

Ⅳ. If the valve of the industrial door is not in the right position, the elevator will stop running

It is because of the poor adjustment of the stroke controller that the operation will stop, and the rotary torque controller must be operated in advance. The counter limit switch does not work because the wiring line is connected incorrectly, and the contactor and the iron suction will not be released. The solution is to change the phase sequence of the motor, check the wiring, correct the error, clean or exchange the contactor.

The above content is the related knowledge of industrial door introduced to you by our industrial door company. If you have any questions or suggestions about our products, you can consult us at any time, or continue to pay attention to our website, we will update relevant knowledge from time to time.