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Installation Process and Common Problems of Fast Rolling Door

Installation Process and Common Problems of Fast Rolling Door

1. The installation process of fast rolling door

(1) The more secure way to purchase fast rolling doors is to supervise the entire installation process of fast rolling doors smoothly;

(2) Intervene in the mid-term to compulsorily rectify quality problems and continue to implement the supervision process;

(3) After the installation of the fast rolling door, check the quality, and negotiate with the construction party how to rework, redo, and compensate;

(4) Inspect and obtain evidence and file a case for the installation quality of fast rolling door; there is always a way to solve the problem of fast rolling door installation, adapting to the early, middle, late, and forensic mode of rapid roller door installation.

2. FAQs about the installation and selection of fast rolling doors

(1) Users who choose the wrong fast rolling door installation, there are always people who think the installation of fast rolling door is too simple, they know that the chain in the installation of a fast rolling door cannot be easily broken, on the contrary, they estimate their control ability is too high, experience tells us that rapid roller door installation requires a wealth of technology.

(2) Some users are approaching the end of the installation of fast-rolling doors. Users of fast-rolling doors have more complaints about quality and safety hazards. Both parties can negotiate and solve the problem friendly, but the result is that the construction party is unwilling or uncooperative to rectify and repair, forcing the uncontradictory problem to escalate.

(3) In order to reduce the installation cost of the fast-rolling door, the user has not found a way to resume the work of the fast-rolling door installation. What the fast rolling door user needs is safe service, which DOOR ANGEL can do.

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