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Rolling Door

We are a rolling door company who have comprehensive types of roll up doors offered with different materials such as pvc, aluminium, steel and acrylic. Each material could be made with insulated and non-insulated. The industrial rolling door system has high-frequency opening performance equipped with infrared sensor, airbag and anti-collision device at the bottom, which can be operated automatically( automatic rolling door) and manually.

Types of Rolling Doors

Which Rolling Door Is Right for Your Application

  • Cost
    rolling door cost Cost

    Coil up doors come in PVC, steel, acrylic and aluminium. Metal materials are more expensive than PVC and acrylic.

  • Function
    roll up door cost Function

    PVC and metal roller shutter door could be used in commercial and industrial sector but transparent roll up doors are usually installed as shop or bank front door with transparent panel so people could see what's happening in there.

  • Speed
    industrial rolling door speed Speed

    There are rapid PVC rolling door and aluminum roll up doors with a speed of over 0.6m/second, which are normally applied to manufacturing facilities. As for other rolling doors, their speed will be lower than the high-speed ones and they can be operated manually and automatically.

Can You Paint Roller Doors?

As for the metal roller shutter doors, it is possible for you to (re)paint the roller doors once again even after installation. You can use either spray lacquer or wet paints to redecorate the surface. However, it should be noted that before the repainting of any roller steel door, such as our galvanised roller shutter doors, aluminum insulated door , and so on, it is of great significance to make sure the dust and grime on the door are removed. You can conduct the removal of the old paint and grime by sanding tools and cleaning brushes. 

FAQs of Rolling Door

  • Q.

    What Is A Rolling Door?

    Door rolling is moved by chains and tracks that are rolled up and down when open or close.

  • Q.

    What Is The Material Of Rolling Doors?

    There are pvc, aluminium, steel and acrylic roll up shed doors for sale.

  • Q.

    Could Rolling Doors Be Used As Garage Door?

    Garage door belongs to roll up doors,metal or acrylic could be used on rolling garage doors.

  • Q.

    How To Operate A Roll Up Door?

    It can be operated by push button or radar sensor or by chains.

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