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Let's Find Out What Doors are Installed in Large Hospitals

Let's Find Out What Doors are Installed in Large Hospitals

When talking about doors, the first thing that comes to mind is the conventional doors of households such as entrance doors, bedroom doors, and toilet doors. Few people pay attention to the fact that there are many special-purpose doors in daily life. Let's explore the "door" in large hospitals to find what kind of doors are there.

Hospital Door for Outpatient Ward Areas

Medical staff and patients come and go frequently in this area, and the door is used very frequently. Therefore, it not only meets the needs of light opening and closing, durable and convenient cleaning, but also creates a quiet and comfortable medical environment for patients.

Features of good hospital door for ward areas:

  • It belongs to the door type without welding process, which is convenient for cleaning and reduces the growth of bacteria.

  • It has good sealing, sound insulation and moisturizing effects, so it plays the role of respecting privacy and being considerate of patients.

  • It is medical hardware with guaranteed quality and super durability.

  • It can be matched with a variety of windows and ventilation shutters to meet the needs of lighting, visiting and ventilation.

As a professional hospital door manufacturer, Xinyi can provide you with a great variety of hospital patient room doors so as to meet diverse needs of yours. 

Hospital door for Functional Diagnosis and Treatment Areas

Since functions of the diagnosis and treatment areas are different, the hospital door types used are also different. For example, automatic sliding doors are often used in operating rooms. Cleaning doors are used in some sterile environments.

(1) Automatic Moving Door of Operating Room

The interior decoration adopts the same kind of substrates as high-speed rail cars and airplanes. This material has high density, flame retardant, aging resistance, and extremely high impact resistance.

The surface of the selected material is smooth, so it is very easy to clean, and it also has a very high moisture and water resistance.

(2) Cleaning Doors

Its surface is smooth and easy to clean and disinfect, and it can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Hospital Door for Public Passage Areas

In addition to facilitating people's passage, most of the aisles and staircase entrances in hospitals also need to have fire protection functions.

Hospital Door for Radioactive Areas

CT rooms, X-ray rooms, and other places in hospitals often use rays for some diagnostic services, which will generate a certain amount of radiation. Therefore, it is necessary to install a radiation-proof door to block the passage of rays.

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