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HPL Patient Room Door
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  • hpl door
  • hpl door price
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HPL Patient Room Door

HPL Doors are also known as hospital patient room doors or high-pressure laminate doors with simple structure and installation systems. The patient room door is being widely used in many places such as hospital rooms, medical centers, healthcare centers, or electronic factories. As a professional hospital door manufacturer, Xinyi can offer you high-quality HPL doors at reasonable prices. Please feel free to contact us at any time. 

HPL Hospital Patient Room Doors Specifications

Product Information


HPL Patient Room Door

HPL Door Body Material


Door Filler

Aluminium Honeycomb /Paper Honeycomb

Door Frame

Galvanized Steel

Door Thickness

50MM, accept custom sizes


Tempered Glass

Standard Door Opening Size(mm)


Technical Data:

Door Configuration:


Lock System

Lock System: Handle Lock, Door Closer, Push Lock, Fingerprint Lock

Available color

Beige, light blue ,orange, gray etc


L Shape


Rubber tape

Opening Type:

Swing or Automatic

Package: Caron,Wooden Box

Surface Treatment: Paint Baking, Electrostatic spraying

MOQ and Lead Time: 1set,3days

Features Of HPL Hospital Patient Room Doors

  • Optimized for better aesthetics and performance, HPL hospital door design offers superior convenience for doctors with large area glass while maximizing clear door openings to help you meet the demanding requirements of patient and equipment transportation. The frame of Xinyi hospital room door is made of stainless steel or galvanized zinc.

  • The system of Xinyi patient room door supports a variety of electro-static privacy glass systems, which provides higher levels of patient privacy, staff convenience, and infection control. You could use it in ICU rooms, health care rooms, or labs.

  • The touchless system of Xinyi HPL door can also significantly reduce contact with door handles to help reduce the risk of spreading disease. Additionally, an overhead presence sensor, a foot sensor, or a password procedure ensures safe and precise operation.

Is HPL Waterproof?

HPL, which is the abbreviation of High-Pressure Laminate, is normally regarded as one of the most durable materials for doors. With the plastic top layer, HPL is not only waterproof but also highly impact and scratch-proof. Made of HPL material, the patient room door Xinyi produces can meet the needs of hospitals perfectly.

What Is HPL Made Of?

Evolved from the traditional plastic laminate material, HPL is normally manufactured by fusing multilayer resins together. The material of HPL is very revolutionary. Comparing with the traditional hospital doors, the HPL patient room door normally holds better plasticity and insulation, which eventually makes it have a wider range of applications. Not only does the HPL door design have longer service life due to its corrosion resistance, but it is also more in line with today's environmental protection concept. In a word, using new materials like HPL, Xinyi’s patient room door has got great reviews from our customers all over the world. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Close-Up Pictures of Patient Room Doors


HPL Door Design

HPL Patient Room Door
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