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The Types and Advantages of Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

The Types and Advantages of Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial roller shutter doors are generally common in factories, workshops, warehouses and other places. They are durable, sturdy and reliable, and start up very quickly and without noise. The industrial roller shutter door is driven by a motor, and it can be turned to a manual device if there is a power failure. Its appearance is transparent, beautiful, and it has a certain degree of safety. It has better lighting and good operation performance. Compared with other lifting doors, industrial roller shutter doors save internal control space and are more convenient to install. After a slight collision, they can automatically rebound and won't be deformed.

Types of industrial roller shutter doors

1. Fast rolling door

Rolling shutters made of PVC soft curtains are called fast rolling shutters, which have fast automatic opening and closing speeds and high operating effects. Normally, the PVC rolling shutter has the advantages of windproof, sound insulation, peculiar smell, dustproof and lighting. It is widely used in many indoor occasions such as food process, textile, printing, precision machinery, etc. It meets the needs of high-performance logistics, and can save energy and improve the air conditioning effect. However, the fast rolling door cannot be used as an outdoor door, because it does not have the anti-theft function, so the scope of use is limited.

2. Aluminum alloy rolling door

Aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors are more common because of their better performance, wider range of use, less prone to rust, corrosion resistance, high toughness, etc., the door body is sturdy and beautiful, and can be burglar-proof and safer to use.

The advantages of industrial roller shutter doors

1. The industrial roller shutter doors are powder-coated, with a beautiful and bright appearance, which can reduce scratches and resist rain corrosion, and is more durable. At present, the largest rolling door in China can be 65-70 square meters, and the wind resistance can reach level 10, which can ensure the safety of the door.

2. The industrial roller doors have undergone a secondary rolling shaft safety design and a tooth hook design to make the combination of the curtains closer, reduce gaps, and reduce noise and wear.

3. The industrial rolling door has an automatic balance structure design, which can reduce the noise of collision loss between the door and the guide rail, effectively protect the normal operation of the motor, and extend the service life of the motor.

4. Its control method is wireless remote control operation, which can be operated within 30 meters without obstacles.

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