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Clear Roll Up Door
  • clear roll up door
  • clear roll up garage doors
  • clear roll up door
  • clear roll up garage doors
  • clear roll up door
  • clear roll up garage doors

Clear Roll Up Door

Rolling doors are available in a variety of materials. Our line of clear roll up doors and counter shutters can perform in the most demanding environments. We have comprehensive types of clear roller doors offered with different materials such as PVC, aluminium, steel and acrylic. The clear roll-up door is made of acrylic material which is widely used in supermarkets, banks and shops. Transparent roll up doors is one of our commercial door lines.

Specifications Of Clear Roll Up Door

Product Information


Clear Roller Door

Door Frame

1.Power Coated Steel Frame
2.Aluminum Track
3.Stainelss Steel Frame: S.S 201 & S.S 304

Door Curtain

0.8mm~1.5mm Thickness, High density coated fabric

Available Colors


Safety Device

Photocell Sensor/Safety edge bottom

Motor Option

German SEW & Nord/China SEJ
Size from 0.75KW - 2.2 KW accordingly to different requirements

Door types

PVC Roll-up Door/Stacking Door

Opening Type:

Radar Sensor, Floor Sensor, Remote Control, Push button, Rope Swtich ect

Package: Wooden Box

Surface Treatment: Paint coated

MOQ and Lead Time: 1set,3days

Features Of Clear Roll Up Door

  • Swift close-open system to help save energy costs

  • Safe and efficient

  • Economical, Easy to repair

  • Multiple Opening System

What Sizes Do Roll Up Doors Come In?

As for the curtain thickness for our clear roller doors, you can normally choose from 0.8mm to 1.5mm. And regarding the motors installed with clear roll-up doors, the common ones Xinyi uses possess the power range of 0.75KW to 2.2 KW.  As for the length of our clear garage roller doors, it is customized in accordance with your own needs.  

How to Clean Roll-Up Clear Garage Doors?

  • Clean with a soft and clean cloth. Sprinkle water on the cleaning cloth, rather than sprinkle the water directly on the surface of the clear roller doors, so as to ensure uniform humidity on the surface. The handles and storage cabinet surfaces of the clear garage roller doors should be cleaned with a mild detergent.

  • Vacuum the surface of the clear roller doors once or twice a year.

  • Clean the sealing strip of the clear garage roller doors regularly. If the sealing strip on the clear roll-up doors becomes dirty, the doors may not be closed, which will affect the operating efficiency of the rolling gates. You can clean the dust particles from the sealing strip with a mild detergent and a damp cloth.

Close-up Pictures of Clear Roller Door

Clear Roll Up Garage Doors

Clear Plastic Garage Doors

Clear Roll Up Door

Transparent Roller Door

Clear Roll Up Door
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