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The Product Advantage of Industrial Doors

The Product Advantage of Industrial Doors

There are some advantages in the industrial doors. Universally designed to meet the needs of most environments, the industrial doors are washable and easy to cool down. With thick, tough door panels and lightweight texture, they provide an ideal passgage for both pedestrians and trolleys. They also feature thick square tubular steel door frame, 1" diameter steel rollers welded to the steel sides, 1/8" thick ABS veneer on both sides to resist impact, denting, and drilling.

1. Fast roll-up door

The maximum opening and closing speed of the industrial roll up doors can reach 800-1200mm per second, and its innovative soft-edge safety device provides multiple protection for people and property; the durable design that separates upon collision makes it possible to reset without the use of tools; the wireless monitoring system stops the door operation quickly when it separates; the wind-resistant system makes the door operable even in high wind conditions.

2. Special doors for large projects

Special doors for large projects are specially designed for individual (single) customers and usually require large door sizes. The door panels can be cut to different sizes to resist wind pressure of different strengths, and windows can be fitted as an option. The doors can be opened and closed with different automatic control systems.

3. Fast rolling shutter door system

(1) Frame system: the system is mainly made of carbon steel plate or aluminum alloy.

(2) Control system: the most commonly used system is controlled by PLC/inverter/encoder sets or an integrated circuit board with IPM module. Most domestic door manufacturing enterprises mainly adopt PLC/inverter/encoder, mainly including infrared electric eye switch, safety air pressure sensor (part of  enterprises with highly stable mechanical precision control system use the safety contact belt).

(3) Light curtain system: the curtain system should provide the highest level of security protection.

(4) Door curtain system: the door curtain system mainly consists of PVC woven fabric or aluminum profiles.

(5) Drive motor system: the drive motor system mainly consists of brake pads, motors, and reducers.

(6) Door opening trigger signal system: this system mainly includes manual button, radar induction, infrared photoelectric induction, geomagnetic induction and remote control.