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Fire Door

Fire Door

A fire door is usually installed in the emergency exits of buildings to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments. The material of our fire doors for sale is steel panel and rock wool core. As a professional fire door manufacturer/company, Xinyi sells both single-leaf fire door and double leaf fire door. All the fire-rated doors need to be equipped with automatic door closers. We provide internal fire doors with different fire-resistant durations such as 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes, etc, which all depend on the client's requirements. There are two main uses for interior fire doors: internal domestic fire doors and internal garage fire doors.

Types of Fire Door for Sale

  • Double Fire Door

    Fire rated double doors means two-leaf door. Large openings need a large door, but since fire doors are operated by manual, one piece is too heavy. It's better to make it as two-leaf door.
  • Single Fire Door

    single leaf fire rated door means just one leaf. We have two-leaf type and one leaf type. It all depends on the installation area.
  • Fire Exit Door

    Many buildings need to install fire doors on the exits to help people escape when there is fire. Our fire escape door has panic bars and fireproof locks that could resist roaring fires for a long time.

Fire Door VS Normal Door

As the name suggests, fire-rated doors, different from ordinary doors, must have the function of fire prevention. They have to prevent the spread of fire and from the appearance, the industrial fire doors are normally thicker than the normal doors. Mainly designed to prevent fire, fire doors need to select stronger materials that are highly resistant to fire and high temperature and the materials fire doors for sale use can not release any toxic gas when encounter fire.  Generally speaking, compared to ordinary doors, fire-rated doors are more durable, convenient, safe, and reliable.

Fire Door Size Chart

Filler Material

Rock Wool Core

Fire Rated Time

20min/45min/60min/90 min


Maximum size (2530x2530mm)

Surface Finish

Unfinished, primed, natural veneer with PU paint, HPL etc

Frame Depth

115mm - 150mm

Opening Direction

Swing Inward / Outward


RAL color system, could be customized.


Lock,handle,hinges,door closer,panic bar and other as requested

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building project, business, home decoration(Office, hotel, church, home etc.)



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Fire Doors for Sale

FAQs of Fire Doors

  • Q.

    What are Fire Doors Made of?

    The materials Xinyi uses for our fire-rated doors for sale are steel panels and rockwool inserts.

  • Q.

    What are Types of Locks on Your Fire Doors?

    Xinyi's fire-rated doors normally possess cylinder locks and escape bars.

  • Q.

    What Certificate of Fire Doors do you Have?

    Xinyi has obtained the fire door certificate in China.

  • Q.

    How To Install A Fire Door?

    First mark the required size, direction, and elevation of the fire-rated door. Then erect the door frame and remove the fixing plate under the original door frame. Finally, install the shutter door. Use concrete to fix the gaps around the door frame. Make sure the fire door is integrated with the wall.

  • Q.

    What Are Fire Doors Used For?

    Fire doors play a great role in preventing the spread of fire and smoke. They always are used as fire partitions with certain fire resistance, such as fire compartments, evacuation stairwells, vertical shafts.

  • Q.

    How Heavy Are Fire Doors?

    There is no certain weight for fire-rated doors as all the doors are customized based on different sizes but a single fire door weighs around 45KG.

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