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Dongguan Xinyi Door Industry Co.,Ltd.
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Different places have different requirements for doors. You could choose doors from our range if you don't know what's the door solution to your business or factory.
Doors for hospitals need to follow strict standards varied with different rooms such as ICU room, lab room and patient room. We have a series of hospital doors for sale that could meet application criteria.
Hospital Door
Guide to different types of door, we provide various door opening methods such as roll-up, swing or hinged type.
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Creative Door Manufacturer and Designer

Dongguan Xinyi Door Co Ltd is a custom industrial door company with features of design, manufacture, sales, and service. our industrial doors are widely used in hotels, hospitals supermarkets and factories in Asia, East Europe, and Africa. After over 10years development , we have been working with clients from construction contractors, door wholesalers to end users , we know what a door solution means to them. An effective door help your business grow faster.

  • Over 10 years experience in door industry
    Over 10 years experience in door industry
  • Custom Technical Supports
    Custom Technical Supports
  • One-to-one customer service
    One-to-one customer service
  • ISO9001 Quality Control System
    ISO9001 Quality Control System
We have provided door solutions to our clients from many industries. We’re very proud to be their partners. Please take a look at what we have done with our clients.
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