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How to Maintain the Industrial Swing Door and Select Hardware?

How to Maintain the Industrial Swing Door and Select Hardware?

The industrial door should be timely inspected and maintained in the process of use. Enterprises should develop good habits when using the industrial swing door. It can not only reduce the failure rate of the industrial swing door, increase production efficiency, but also increase the service life of the industrial swing door, reduce production costs. Industrial door company will introduce the maintenance of industrial door and the selection of hardware for you.

Ⅰ. Maintenance for industrial doors

1. After the industrial door torsion spring is used for a period of time, you should check if it can work normally. If it is loose, you should tight it or replace it in time.

2. The other parts of the industrial flat door should avoid being hit by external forces in the process of use. If there is a collision, you should timely check if all the components can operate normally.

3. The maintenance cycle of the industrial door motor is half a year, and the retarding mechanism should be added lubricating oil at least once every half a year. In addition, all parts of the motor should be checked regularly and replaced in time.

Today, the application of industrial swing doors is very extensive. It can be seen everywhere in the market, popular with the public. You already know how to maintain the industrial door through the maintenance of the industrial door about the introduction of detailed rules. Now let's take a look at how to choose the industrial door hardware.

Ⅱ. The selection of the industrial door hardware

The hardware is different in industrial-style doors with different opening and closing methods. Door hardware, sliding door hardware, folding door hardware and so on are common in the market. Industrial swing door is a common way of opening and closing, widely used in various occasions.

Introduction to the selection of industrial flat door hardware:

1. Single door lock: It has the characteristics including the handle drives oblique tongue, the key drives square tongue. Normally only oblique tongue takes lock effect.

2. Multi point door lock: Common multi-lock industrial door lock can be divided into two kinds according to the structure: linkage door lock and door drive. The lock body part of the linkage door lock is similar to the single point door lock. It adds a slide rod at both ends of the lock body. The slide rod is connected to a connecting rod with a locking point, cooperating with door gusset and lock holder on the collaboration frame, to reach the effect of multi-point locking.

3. Door lock with hook: Industrial door lock with lock hook is based on the multi point door lock, which makes one or more lock points into a hook , so that on the basis of multi-lock, it greatly enhances the function of anti-theft .

Through the above introduction, we need to pay attention to the relevant quality of hardware to ensure the quality of the product when selecting the industrial swing door. If you have any need, please feel free to consult us.