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Why Are the Prices of Hospital Doors So Different?

Why Are the Prices of Hospital Doors So Different?

The medical door is one of the essential equipment in the hospital. The medical door is different from our household door, it needs to have the performance of resisting corrosion, bacteria and collision. Since the hospital itself is a special place, the characteristics of the medical door should be consistent with the characteristics of the hospital. What factors affect the price of hospital doors? The following is a discussion of this issue.

Wheelchairs, stretchers, and transportation tools go in and out of the medical door almost every day, so it is difficult to avoid hitting the door and door frame. Even if the door is put into use in a short time, the door and door frame will be damaged to varying degrees. Due to the particularity of the door, its application characteristics need to be met in the design and manufacture, and the price depends on the design characteristics of hospital doors for sale.

Ⅰ. The price of the hospital door depends on the design characteristics of the hospital door

1. Aluminum alloy packaging and aluminum alloy anti-collision design will increase the cost of hospital doors.

The door of the hospital special door is sealed with aluminum alloy. Compared with traditional paint door edges and PVC edges, it can reduce the impact of moisture absorption (expansion) and moisture absorption (shrinkage) on the edge quality, and prevent collision damage caused by frequent opening and closing of hospital doors. Aluminum alloy anti-collision bar can solve the problem of front and rear collision of the medical door.

2. Medical doors-use glass observation windows and blinds

People often hear some patients fainting in the toilet. In addition to diseases, the main reason is that there are no shutters on the toilet doors. Ordinary toilets have ventilation fans. When in use, the ventilation fans are often turned on for a long time and cannot provide fresh air. If there is not enough oxygen in the toilet, healthy people will feel dizzy, let alone the sick. Especially when taking a bath, the indoor temperature will rise, and the possibility of hypoxia and syncope will also increase. Therefore, it is necessary to install blinds on the bathroom door of the ward. Medical doors and windows with glass observation are very convenient for the staff. Viewing the patient's condition through such a window will not hinder the patient's rest, but the condition of the ward can be clearly observed. However, such a medical door will also increase the cost of the technology or materials of the door, so this is also a factor in determining the price of the door.

Ⅱ. The size of the entrance to the hospital door

The manufacturer of hospital doors will design suitable door styles according to the size of the door, which are generally divided into three types: single door, mother-child door and double door. Since the size of the door directly determines the material used to make the medical door, it is also a key factor affecting the price. The specific selection of hospital doors should be based on the user's work requirements. After all, if the opening size of the door is not appropriate, the door cannot be installed, which will affect the future work of medical staff.