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Daily Maintenance of Stainless Steel Rolling Door

Daily Maintenance of Stainless Steel Rolling Door

Stainless steel rolling doors are commonly used in public places such as commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mining enterprises, but things will inevitably break down after a long time. This requires us to pay attention to maintenance during the daily use of stainless steel rolling doors.

What are the maintenance methods for stainless steel rolling doors?

1. Before using the stainless steel rolling door, check its running direction, length limit and the position of the door opening height, and do not easily damage the stopper, so as to avoid losses such as recoil and topping.

2. The rolling steel door must be equipped with fire prevention facilities at the top of the installation position. A movable cover plate must be installed at the bottom of the package box or ceiling. The bottom must be reserved with a detachable repair hole with a side length of 500mm, which is convenient for maintenance.

3. For all electrically controlled stainless steel rolling doors, the opening and closing direction must be the same as that of the switch box, especially when the power is newly connected for a test run or the phase line of the external input power is changed, the manual device should be used to set the door curtain to the height of the door opening. At the /2 position, try to open and close the rolling door after turning on the power supply. It can be used normally until it is consistent with the instructions. Otherwise, the limiter will be damaged, causing the rolling shutter to roll back or flush the top and cause losses.

4. The stainless steel rolling door should have the function of stopping at any time during the process of opening and closing, and it should not stop and continue to slide. If the sliding distance is greater than 50mm, the stainless steel rolling door should be immediately controlled by the electrical appliance and the brake of the rolling door. Carry out careful inspection and repair, until the operation is normal.

5. If there is a big jitter or abnormal sound during the operation of the stainless steel rolling door, it is recommended to stop and check immediately and check whether there is any debris that hinders the operation.

6. When operating the stainless steel rolling door, the operator must stand at the operating position of the roll up door to avoid accidental damage.

7. Stainless steel rolling door curtains and rust-prone parts should be treated with regular anti-corrosion, painting and maintenance treatments. It is forbidden to impact the facade with heavy or hard objects.

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