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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Using Hospital Special Doors?

What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Using Hospital Special Doors?

Medical staff have always stood on the front line to resist the virus. In order to bring convenience to medical workers and patients, all the equipment in the hospital needs to maintain a state that can cooperate with the medical staff in fighting, and the hospital special door is no exception.

Hospital doors need to have characteristics of antibacterial, corrosion resistance, crash resistance, abrasion resistance and so on. In order to improve the efficiency of the hospital, more attention must be paid to the use of medical doors. Now let's have a look what need to be paid attention to in the operation of the hospital door?

1. When the door is running, the opening and closing of the door is too slow, which is mainly due to the low-speed knob of opening or closing the door of the control device, excessive running resistance, loose belt and insufficient tension. Then, adjust the control device, open or close the door speed knob, turn off the power, move the door leaf by hand, check whether there are obstacles in the moving part, and adjust the belt tension.

2. When the hospital door is operating, the door opens automatically, and there is interference in the sensor detection area.The detection area of the other sensor overlaps, and the door leaf is in the detection area. Therefore, it is possible to remove interfering objects in the detection area of the sensor, switch the anti-interference switch of the sensor, and adjust the detection area and sensitivity of the sensor.

3. If the door leaf collides when the door is running, it may be due to the failure of the control device or motor, and the control device or motor can be replaced.

4. When hospital doors are running, but they do not move. The main reasons are poor power supply, poor electrical connections, door locks or double-door interlocking methods. At this time, check whether the power supply and the connector are in good contact, unlock or wait for another door to close.

5. The operating door of the operating room is not closed, which is generally due to interference in the detection area of the sensor. There is debris on the optical sensor on the photoelectric sensor, the optical axis is skewed, the control device is malfunctioning, and the anti-elasticity setting is too low. This can eliminate the interference of the sensor detection area, replace the sensor, clean the receiver, adjust the optical axis, turn off the power and start it multiple times. However, the door of the replacement control device cannot be closed to increase flexibility.

6. In the process of using medical doors like hospital patient room doors, do not let heavy objects hit or scratch the door, so as to prevent the door from deforming and the door leaf gap from becoming larger, and also to prevent the damage of the outer protective layer from causing its performance degradation.

7. It is essential to maintain and clean the hospital's special door to avoid corrosion of the door body and its parts due to water residue. In addition, it is necessary to keep the door clean and clean up the accumulated dust and debris to prevent the formation of an impact on the door sensing device and cause insensitivity.