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Industrial Swing Door

Industrial Swing Door

Swinging Doors also known as impact traffic doors help provide two-way access through room entrances. The swing door is used in warehouses, commercial kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores to provide a barrier and still allow easy two-way entry and exit. Our custom swinging doors meet hygiene standards of food industry. Front and back are made of Acid-Alkaline resistant 304 stainless-steel filled with aluminum honey comb. Swinging doors for sale are anti-corrosion, damp-proof and thinner than normal stainless-steel swing doors. Industrial swing door is used in many occasions such as counter swing door, swing up garage door, swinging pantry door, etc. There are also many types of swing door such as full swing door, swinging half doors, small swing door, etc.

Types of Industrial Swing Door for Sale

  • PVC Curtain Swing Door

    Swing traffic door has pvc panel and stainless steel panel. If the working environment needs a large view area, we recommend PVC swing door. It is economical.
  • Single Swing Door

    Single leaf swing door means the door just has one door leaf which is suited to small openings such as small kitchens or workshop front entrances.
  • Steel Traffic Door

    Traffic door is equipped with stainless steel panel and honeycomb. It has longer service life than PVC swing doors but it’s more heavy and expensive.
  • Impact Traffic Door

    Impact door or traffic door is just the other name of the swing door. It has bumpers and swing systems for two-way movement, people do not need to handle it by hand when moving through the openings.

Swing Door Design

Industrial Swing Door

Industrial Swing Doors

Swing Doors for Sale

FAQs of Industrial Swing Doors

  • Q.

    What Are The Materials of Your Industrial Swing Doors for Sale?

    There are stainless steel panel with honeycomb core.

  • Q.

    Where are Swing Doors Installed?

    Our industrial swing doors are normally installed in warehouses, commercial kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. 

  • Q.

    What are the Features of Industrial Swing Doors?

    Not only are our industrial swing doors famous for their anti-collision feature, but they can also provide the users an easy way for both getting in and out.

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