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Industrial Doors: Tips on Daily Maintenance of Motor Fault

Industrial Doors: Tips on Daily Maintenance of Motor Fault

When the motor of the industrial door fails, what should be done to solve the problem? 

Xinyi Door Industry Co., Ltd  provides you with common problems and solutions that occur in the use of industrial doors.

1. The motor idle: it refers to after pressing the key position, the normal motor operation, but the door body is not driven by the motor to open or close.

Possible causes:

(1) The motor drive sleeve and motor articulation rivet off.

(2) The short cut-off piece connecting the motor shaft to the door body has fallen off.

Solution: Re-fix the rivet or short cut-off piece according to the actual situation.

2. No response after the remote control sends a command: the remote control sends a command, but the motor does not respond, and the door cannot operate. When pressing the upward and downward keys of the remote control, the motor does not work as usual and cannot open or close the rolling shutter.

Possible causes (causes and solutions): 

(1) Cause: No power supply to the remote control. Solution: Observe whether the remote control indicator is prompted when pressing the keys; if not, the remote control needs to be replaced with batteries.

(2) Cause: Motor power is not connected. Solution: Connect the power.

(3) Cause: In the case of the normal work of the remote control, you hear the receiving box relay making "Ta" noise when you give an order to roller shutter, indicating that the motor failure. Solution: Contact the supplier to replace the motor according to the motor label.

(4) Cause: In the case of the normal work of the remote control, you cannot hear any sound issued by the receiving box relay when you give an order to roller shutter, indicating the failure of receiving box. Solution: Replace the receiving box.

3. The failure caused by external forces when the motor is in operation: rolling shutter comes to an emergency stop or malfunction when encountering obstacles within normal stroke range.

Possible faults: The door body cannot be completely closed or completely open; the motor does not run smoothly; the motor makes a strange noise, the motor continues to run for a period of time after the door body is blocked, resulting in the door body extrusion deformation and the motor failure.

Causes and solutions:

(1) Cause: The normal stroke range influenced by abnormal external forces. Solution: Reset the motor stroke range.

(2) Cause: The motor overload leads to unsmooth operation. Possibly, the failure causes misalignment/deformation of spare parts jamming the motor. Solution: It needs to be dismantled to inspect some of the inner parts.

(3) In serious cases, the motor needs to be replaced, and the curtain and spare parts that were deformed in the accident need to be replaced to reset the door body.

4. Motor stops suddenly in operation: the roller shutter stops before opening or closing is completed.

Causes and solutions:

(1) Cause: Surface motor travel limit fault. Solution: Press the remote control or switch again, and the roller shutter resumes operation. 

(2) Cause: Pressing the remote control or switch again, the roller shutter does not respond because the motor runs too frequently and is overheated which trigers the thermal protector. Solution: After being cooled down for about 3-10 minutes, the motor can automatically return to normal working state.