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How to Fix Faults in the Industrial Door

How to Fix Faults in the Industrial Door

1. After the installation of the rolling shutter power, the motor does not turn or start slowly.

Possible causes and solutions:

(1) Cause: power supply and the rated voltage of the motor do not match. Solutions: replace the motor with a power supply voltage match or access to the corresponding power supply.

(2) Cause: the motor is overload. Solution: replace the motor matching the load.

(3) Cause: improper installation and cause the spare parts to jam the motor. Solution: check whether the parts are installed correctly.

2. The roller shutter is closed and then pops open again; the roller shutter does not stop after it has been completely closed but pops open again, and the roller shutter returns to the open state.

Cause: The roller shutter is equipped with a rebound device. The situation is a failure of the rebound device. 

Solution: Please contact the manufacturer immediately for a solution.

3. The vibration or noise of the industrial door is large.

Cause: It may be sue o unbalanced or broken brake discs, brake discs without fastening, or bearing loss of oil failure, not smooth gear meshing, loss of oil or wear serious resulting in the motor current sound or vibration.


1) Tighten the brake disc nut.

2) Replace the brake disc or readjust the balance.

3) Replace the motor shaft output end gear and lubricant.

4) Replace the bearings.

5) Check the motor; if damaged, replace the motor.

4. Industrial door hand zip does not move.

Cause: It is mainly due to the ring chain blocking the cross slot, pawl without detachment ratchet, or pressure chain frame jammed.


(1) The ring chain will be organized smoothly.

(2) Adjust the relative position of the pawl and the pressure chain frame or replace the lubrication pin.