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The Characteristics of Medical Clean Room Door

The Characteristics of Medical Clean Room Door

Medical clean room door is a kind of airtight door, and now many hospitals have begun to use it. It provides great convenience for the daily work of these medical institutions, and it is very sturdy and durable. Why do you say that? Next we will answer for you and introduce the three advantages of clean room doors.

1. The clean room door is comfortable to use

It can be said that the bearings of the reliable medical clean room doors use the most advanced accessories, and use galvanized steel as the base material, and the surface is coated with high-voltage electrostatic powder, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the use of this clean room door is relatively easy and effortless, and it will automatically close silently after being pushed open, which is conducive to the use of many patients with limited mobility in the hospital.

2. The clean room door has strong durability

The door handles of medical clean room doors and other parts that are prone to wear are all made of high-quality hardware, and professional manufacturers will strictly test the frequency of use of the product to ensure the service life of the product.

And compared to ordinary wooden doors, medical clean room doors have a significant advantage in cost performance, and are significantly better than wooden doors in terms of impact resistance and cleaning. The service life of the clean room door is also longer than other similar products on the market.

3. High density of clean room door

The airtightness of the medical clean room door is very good, and there will be no airflow overflow phenomenon in the closed state. Therefore, if the hospital has a clean room door installed, it can save an expensive air-conditioning or heating cost. At the same time, it can also create a suitable temperature indoor environment for the doctors and patients in the hospital.


Based on the above, the three advantages of medical clean room doors are comfortable use, strong durability and high density, which can well meet the needs of all aspects of the hospital, especially for the operating room in the hospital, since the effect is most obvious.

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