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Design Structure and Characteristics of Clean Room Door Products

Design Structure and Characteristics of Clean Room Door Products

Doors are very common objects in life, and they are used to separate two spaces. So what is a clean room door?

The clean door is the first of the clean places. It refers to the door that is easy to clean, self-cleaning and antibacterial, and has good air tightness. The door body mold is integrally formed with no gaps and corrosion resistance.

1. Structure of clean room door design

The power beam of the clean door is made of aluminum alloy profile, and the transmission structure is reasonable and reliable. The life span is more than 1 million times. The clean door needs to be equipped with high-quality sealing rubber strips, lifting sweeping strips, which can prevent internal and external media (rain, air, sand, etc.) from leaking or intruding, and can prevent or reduce damage caused by mechanical vibration and impact, so as to achieve sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation and shock absorption, etc., to better ensure air tightness.

2. Features of clean room door design

This clean room door design ensures excellent overall performance of the product. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, flatness, high strength, no dust accumulation, no dust generation, easy cleaning, etc., and the installation is convenient and fast. The width of the door frame of the utility model is adjustable and the sealing performance is good. The door leaf core should be made of light and firm filling material to prevent deformation by impact. In addition, because the clean space needs frequent disinfection and cleaning, the clean door should also have the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant property. It will not fade after wiped with a weak acid-base organic solvent, will not layer, will not be moldy, and will have a beautiful and long-lasting color.

The clean room door is suitable for purification workshops, electronics factories level 1 to 300,000, microbiology laboratories, power laboratories, animal laboratories, optical laboratories, various hospital constructions, hospital wards, operating rooms, biopharmaceutical laboratories, food and beverages processing plants, mechanical and electronic factories and other places with high requirements for air tightness and cleanliness. While facilitating daily cleaning, the use of it can also reduce the breeding and reproduction of bacteria and viruses, and reduce cross-infection.

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