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Characteristics of Industrial Door Seal

Characteristics of Industrial Door Seal

The door seal of the industrial door is made of wear-resistant and tough fiber material, which can seal the periphery of the truck or container, and can also withstand strong pressure, load and unload the awning, and also withstand strong snow pressure. It effectively protects the loading and unloading of goods from rain, snow, wind and sand and other weather, isolates cold and heat, and ensures good working conditions and work efficiency in the work area.

Door seal characteristics of industrial doors:

1. Wear resistance: the use of wear-resistant industrial fabric materials, soft, wear-resistant, and durable;

2. Internal material: high-quality foam material is used inside the door seal, which has 97% automatic recovery performance and can maintain flexibility at low temperatures; the surface material of the door seal is high-quality neoprene rubber material or polyester fiber material, It has better wear resistance and flexibility, no less than 30,000 times of friction; the mechanical door seal frame is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy, the door seal is composed of the front frame, the rear frame and the connecting arm, and the overall frame is made of aluminum alloy profile, the frame is covered with a strong polyester fiber material treated with UV protection. The top frame of the awning is inclined to facilitate top drainage; the cushion door seal is made of closed-cell sponge with high elasticity, toughness and good waterproofness.

3. Electroplated steel liner: to eliminate the potential problems of distortion, perishable and susceptible to corrosion that may have been encountered by wooden liners in the past;

4. Wear-resistant pleated pleats: distributed on both sides and above, provide additional wear-resistant protection and effectively extend the service life of the door seal;

5. Yellow warning strips: the use of reflective warning strips has better safety.

6. Performance: windproof, rainproof, dustproof, and can reduce the circulation of hot air outside the refrigerator and cold air inside.

Commercial industrial door fixed door seals provide the best sealing performance for different heights. The adjustable top design is adopted to reduce air convection and reduce the temperature loss of the cold storage to achieve the effect of energy saving. The adjustment of the counterweight balance system is easier. The stainless steel chute and pull-down handle of industrial doors also have better rust and corrosion resistance. The design of the bottom sealing block effectively reduces the gap in the lower part of the car box.