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How to Choose an Industrial Door for Enterprise Production Workshops

How to Choose an Industrial Door for Enterprise Production Workshops

Many companies encounter the problem of choosing an industrial door for their workshop when it is under construction.

Under normal circumstances, due to the large area of the workshop, the needs of some special mechanical equipment, and certain requirements for the on-site wind pressure, the selection of industrial doors for the workshop is very important! For example, the selection of the exit door is related to the insect and rodent prevention work of the entire workshop; the selection of inside door is related to convenience and speed of workshop production.

Then, how do you choose an industrial door for a workshop?

In general, if it is a purification workshop, the workshop will generally be equipped by purification steel doors or purification stainless steel doors, mainly used in clean rooms, purification rooms, clean rooms, and activity rooms.

Purification stainless steel doors, also divided into manual doors and automatic induction sliding doors. The latter ones are generally chosen to be applied in the cleanroom area of industries with high environmental requirements, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hospital operating rooms, etc.

Purification doors need to be double sealed around the installation so as to facilitate heat insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc. If there is no purification system, the workshop separated by color steel plates can also use purified steel doors or purification stainless steel doors.

PVC rolling door are generally suitable for frequent use in logistics channels, indoor and outdoor logistics, fast lanes in workshops, buffer workshops, and other environments, which can be customized according to the specific circumstances of the site. PVC rolling doors have the functions of heat preservation, cold preservation, insect protection, wind protection, dust protection, sound insulation, fire protection, odor prevention, etc.

Shell adopts turbo hard rolling doors are recommended to serve as the logistics door of the warehouse or workshop, the exit door, etc. The door plate is made of a 40mm thickness polyurethane aluminum alloy door plate, with the quality of fast, silent, closed.