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Many Hospitals Use Doors Like These Because of Their Good-looking Appearances

Many Hospitals Use Doors Like These Because of Their Good-looking Appearances

The main use of the hospital door is the public area of the hospital. The hospital is a multi-bacterial natural environment with a large and dense flow of people, which is prone to collision or cross-infection. Therefore, the hospital door is not only a door, but also must have a good safety protection function. Therefore, there are stricter requirements on the quality of the craftsmanship and materials of the hospital door.

1. Materials for green hospital doors

Medical door products are green products that have passed national appraisal and carry green environmental protection marks recognized by relevant national departments. All medical doors are made of environmentally friendly, strong, safe and healthy materials, so it is very safe to use in hospitals.

2. Hospital doors need to have super antibacterial properties to be safer

Hospital doors are different from other public doors. After installation, the surface must be free of nail holes and splicing to meet the requirements of a clean environment in the hospital. Medical door products use special antibacterial panels for healthcare doors, no toxic and harmful gases are released, and the antibacterial rate is over 99%, which greatly reduces the degree of cross-infection of bacteria in the hospital. The special antibacterial sealing strip has better windproof, sound insulation and heat insulation effects; the special antibacterial hardware lock is strong and durable, and the handle has heat resistance performance, which is more comfortable and safe to use.

3. The hospital door needs to be durable and not deformed

Because of climate change, the number of opening and closing times, and the impact of collision, the door leaf is easily damaged. The medical door products have high hardness, wear-resistant revolutions up to more than 6,500 revolutions, and are equipped with 304 stainless steel anti-collision belts. Therefore, there will be no paint breakage and scratches after the operation cart, hospital bed, and wheelchair collide with the door.

4. The internal structure of the hospital door adopts unique craftsmanship

One material is a high-density composite board, which uses the internal structure designed by the frame structure force transmission technology; the other is the facade material steel plate, which uses the internal structure designed by the frame structure force transmission technology to make it more stable. Therefore, the hospital door is more durable and not easily deformed.

5. Hospital doors need to be fire-resistant, anti-corrosive, and easy to clean

Public places attach great importance to the fire resistance of indoor doors, and hospital doors use high-quality fire-resistant materials, which can buy more time for fire fighting. Because the medical door has high hardness and strong acid and alkali resistance, cleaning rags or cleaning fluids can be used to clean some difficult-to-clean dirt.

6. The hospital door adopts high-grade silent sealing strip

The silent sealing strip is easy to be disassembled, and it is easy to clean and disinfect. These seals are very tight. The bottom of the hospital door leaf is equipped with a lifting sweeping strip. There will be no door gaps in the closed state, which can effectively prevent air-conditioning or heating from overflowing, and prevent dust from entering the room. Therefore, the installation and use of hospital doors can help the hospital save more air-conditioning or heating costs, and it is also helpful to create a safe and clean indoor environment with suitable temperature and comfortable physical and mental health.