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Product Characteristics of Industrial Double Door

Product Characteristics of Industrial Double Door

The inner thermal insulation material of the industrial double door is made of rigid polyurethane or foam. The thickness of the door is generally 50, 75, 100mm. The surrounding rubber seals are highly oil-proof, wind-proof and anti-aging. They can be assembled and replaced without special tools. It has a simple and fast processing structure and is manufactured by a special laminating process.

Skeleton production of industrial double doors:

1. The frame adopts cold-rolled square steel pipe, angle steel, flat steel and other profiles. The door leaf material adopts the sandwich panel of metal heat-insulating material.

2. The frame profile of the door leaf should be straightened first and then unloaded, and then welded after lofting on a flat field or work surface. The door leaf should be leveled and straight after welding, and the allowable size error should not be exceeded.

3. After the frame of industrial double doors is welded, apply a rust-proof paint, process and cut the sandwich panel according to the frame size, insert the sandwich panel into the door frame, and connect by drilling and riveting or screwing together.

4. The door leaf sealing strip is fixed on the door leaf with screws and pressure strips.

Part of the configuration of the industrial double doors:

The foaming density of polyurethane for industrial double door panels reaches 40 kilograms per cubic meter. According to the size of the door body, plates of different thicknesses such as 50.75.100 are selected. The four sides are connected by 3-5mm rectangular steel pipes, and the frame adopts special industrial double-door door edging. The materials are aluminum alloy and galvanized steel plate. The door body is sealed from top to bottom and between the door panels. The special hinge makes the door leaf open flexibly and lightly, with low noise, anti-theft, and good wind resistance, strong and beautiful.

Applicability of industrial double doors:

Industrial double-opening doors, with diverse product types, are suitable for various installation environments. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, they have the performance of heat preservation, heat insulation and wind resistance. It is widely used in various production workshops, warehouses, waste treatment centers and many other harsh environments.