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Classification and Characteristics of Industrial Roll Up Doors

Classification and Characteristics of Industrial Roll Up Doors

Industrial roll up doors are connected in series with multi-joint movable doors. In a fixed slide, the roller shutters are rotated around the shaft above the door. It is suitable for public places such as commercial facades, shopping malls, logistics, factories and mining enterprises. Especially they are convenient and quick opening for the place where the door opening is large and inconvenient to install the ground door body.

Industrial roll up door types

1. According to the material of the door piece: 

Industrial roll up doors can be divided into inorganic cloth roll up doors, mesh roll up doors, European roll up doors, aluminum roll up doors, crystal roll up doors, rolling steel door, color board roll up doors, foam roll up doors.

2. According to the opening form: 

(1) Manual roller shutter. With the help of the torsion spring balance force on the central axis of the roller shutter, to achieve manual up-and-down pulling the roller shutter switch.

(2) Electric roller shutter. Special motors for roller shutters include external rolling door machines, Australian-type rolling door machines, tubular rolling door machines, fireproof rolling door machines, inorganic double curtain rolling door machines, fast-rolling door machines, etc.

Characteristics of the industrial roll up doors

1. Roller shutters are powder sprayed to create a beautiful and bright color appearance. The powder closely adheres to the aluminium alloy surface to reduce scratches, resist rain corrosion, sand and dust friction, and is durable. At the same time, it has a certain degree of wind resistance to ensure the safety of the door during use.

2. Multiple protection structures can be used. Some manufacturers far too rely on external safety measures for the safety of industrial roll-up door, such as additional security implementations such as infrared radiation sensing systems and automatic alarms. They often ignore the safety structure design of the door itself. When problems are really encountered in operation, these additional safety devices can only serve as warnings, but cannot well contain the danger. In addition, the infrared sensor is very sensitive. It is easy to accumulate dust when the camera lens is exposed to the outdoors for a long time, causing the infrared sensor to falsely report. As a result, the door cannot be opened or closed normally and then it affects production efficiency and safety. The second safety protection design of the shaft, the automatic locking structure of the end cover plate, the rebound device in case of obstruction, and the second upgrade of the industrial rolling door curtain are improved through the redesign of the tooth hooks so that the combination between the curtain is closed, reducing the gap, lowering wear and tear, reducing noise and improving safety.

3. Longer service life of industrial roll-up doors. Because of the automatic balance structure design, industrial roll-up doors like the high-quality PVC rolling door can make the shaft and the guide always keep a layer of curtain width distance, thereby greatly reducing the loss and noise generated by the collision friction between the industrial rolling door and the guide and further extending the life of the motor.

4. Control method. It can be operated remotely with a wireless transmitter and is easily operated within a 15m unobstructed range.

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