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Steel Traffic Door
  • steel traffic door
  • steel traffic door price
  • steel traffic door
  • steel traffic door price
  • steel traffic door
  • steel traffic door price

Steel Traffic Door

Swing door is the highest strength type among industry doors. They have shutters of stainless steel or ABS with features of impact-resistant, durable and damp-proof. This steel industrial swing door series could meet a variety of industrial requirements being able to allow forklifts or trolleys to pass through. This traffic door series is in line with the food industry health standards with an alkali-resistant 304 stainless steel plate on both sides which is stronger than the PVC swing doors.

Specifications Of Steel Traffic Door

Product Information


Steel Traffic Swing Door

Door Panel

304 stainless steel



Door Panel Thickness


Surface Sheet Thickness

1mm Stainless-steel plate


Freezer,operation room,corridor,supermarket,factory etc

Core Material

Honey comb or wood


Door bumper, aluminum alloy anticollision strip,perspective window, door lock, gate piles.

Technical Data:


Rust-proof E-type hinges (Upper & Lower)

Door Frame

40*80MM 304# stainless-steel

Door Panel Size

Single door: 700mm≤W≤1300mm 1800mm≤H≤3400mm
Double door:1200mm≤W≤3400mm 1800mm≤H≤3400mm


tear resistance, high elasticity, cold tolerance (-40℃)

Opening Type:


Package: Caron,Wooden Box

MOQ and Lead Time: 1set,3days

Features Of Steel Traffic Door

  • Our restaurant swinging traffic doors meet hygiene standards of food industry. Front and back are made of Acid-Alkaline resistant 304 stainless-steel filled with aluminum honey comb. It is anti-corrosion, damp-proof and thinner than normal stainless-steel swing doors.

  • Attractive traffic grey door is used in kitchen areas, as well as retail and industrial environments. These rigid doors are ideal barriers between customers and kitchens, stock rooms, warehouses, and more

  • Specialized anti-collision plate could easily allow forklift or cart to go through.

  • Breakage-proof window material

Steel Traffic Door
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