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PVC Roller Shutter Doors Production Process

PVC Roller Shutter Doors Production Process

The profile of PVC roller shutter doors is a new type of plastic profile, which has the advantages of beauty, environmental protection and energy-saving, heat insulation, sound insulation, high quality, and low price. It belongs to a new generation of green decorative building materials.

The elegant and colorful appearance of PVC roller shutter doors forms a harmonious whole with the increasingly beautified modern urban architecture, which is favored by the market and gradually replaces aluminum alloy rolling door curtains.

Application of calcium and zinc stabilizers in PVC rolling shutter doors production process

The production formula can be referred to as follows: PVC (SG-5) 100 parts (quality); CPE 8 parts (quality); ACR 2 parts (quality); light active calcium carbonate 10 parts (quality); calcium and zinc stabilizer 4.5 parts (quality); titanium dioxide rutile type 3 parts (quality); epoxidized soybean oil 1 part (quality).

Two parts in the production process of PVC rolling shutter profiles: blending process and extrusion process

1. Blending process

According to the formula requirements, the operator needs to weigh the resin and various auxiliary materials, turn on the high-speed mixer, first put into the PVC resin, then put in calcium and zinc stabilizers, fillers. When the material temperature is up to 80℃, he needs to add the processing aids, modifiers; then up to (110 ± 5)℃, the material can be discharged to the low-speed cold mixer to cool down to 40℃ or less, with vacuum suction device to transport the material through the oscillating sieve into the silo for extrusion processing.

2. Extrusion process

The dry mixture is conveyed to the conical twin-screw extruder for mixing, plasticizing, extruding, after shaping, cooling and pulling, labeling, cutting to length, packaging and storing.