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Q&A about Installation of PVC Doors

Q&A about Installation of PVC Doors

At present, the market demand for fast door is not saturated, and there are a large number of factories and enterprises need to install the fast door. However, the installation environment of fast door is more important. Today, Xinyi door industry will give you a detailed explanation of some installation knowledge of fast door.
1. Where do I need to install quick doors

Fast door is widely used in factories, garages, hotels, hotels, enterprises, banks, supermarkets, hospitals, etc. The installation of a fast PVC rolling shutter can not only improve the efficiency of air conditioning, but also save energy and noise of air conditioning, and even prevent wind and dust, so as to improve the image and grade of enterprises.

q&a about installation of pvc doors

2. How to choose fast door?

1. Selection of sensors. Sensors with high sensitivity can be installed in star hotels and large enterprises. However, sensors with smaller sensing area can be used in places with large pedestrian flow in downtown shops to avoid misuse.

2. Safety aids. In some large-scale shopping malls, in order to prevent door jams, infrared sensors should be used to improve the sensitivity and increase the safety type.

3. Install the access control system and electric lock. Bank access control system can be selected on the outer door of the ATM, and an electric lock can be used to prevent danger.

3. How to install and decorate them
As the high-speed roller doors needs daily maintenance, in order to make the maintenance and repair more convenient in the future, stainless steel and aluminum materials should be selected as the exterior decoration of the door post or door beam. Remember not to use marble as a facade. If it must be used, communication and negotiation should be conducted between marble project and quick door projects in advance to avoid serious consequences of shutdown or rework caused by mistakes. Glass material is usually used for the door body, and the door frame of glass material is also common. Fast rolling shutter door / high speed rolling shutter door / fast door
4. Selection of installation party
A professional installation agent and engineering party must be able to provide perfect after-sales service and have sufficient inventory and technology as the basis so that the interests of users can be protected to the greatest extent.

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