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Application Characteristics, Advantages, and Operation Modes of the Industrial Swing Door

Application Characteristics, Advantages, and Operation Modes of the Industrial Swing Door

Application characteristics of industrial swing doors

Industrial swing doors are suitable for general industrial plants, steel frame warehouses, transformer rooms and other auxiliary buildings that require frequent passage of vehicles or pedestrians. They have good insulation, strong wind resistance, minimal mechanical failures, and long-lasting durability.

Industrial swing doors have the characteristics of a beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, and strong durability. They operate smoothly, are safe and reliable, and their operation is convenient. Unique craftsmanship can better balance the weight of the door, making it more convenient to operate. The doors have low noise levels, anti-theft features, good resistance to wind, and small doors and windows can be installed to fully meet the needs of users for door opening and closing. This type of door is available in both single and double door configurations.

Swing doors consist of door frames, door panels, upper and lower pivots, electric locks, door openers, and sealing materials.

The swing door motors come in three types: curved arm, bracketed arm, and floor-rolling. The door panel frame of the swing door is made of cold-rolled square tube. The outer U-shaped groove is made of aluminum alloy, galvanized plate, or stainless steel. The door panel is generally made of cold-rolled plate or stainless steel.

Advantages of industrial swing doors

  • The panel is flat and has internal support frameworks. The door panel has no deformation, and there are no gaps in the overall door surface after assembly.

  • The specially designed sealing strips are installed between the guide rail, door frame, and door panel, which have good contact and tightness.

  • The door panel is flexible and smooth in operation, with no noise.

  • The bottom of the door panel can be equipped with safety anti-collision devices, ensuring safety when the door is closed.

  • It's very easy to open and close manually.

  • The joints of the door frame, small door frame, and door panel are made of specially produced high-strength aluminum alloy or metal materials, which can reduce the weight of the door and make it look elegant.

  • The ethylene resin-based material is sealed with brush seals on the sides, top, and bottom of the door body to overcome the problem of ordinary rubber seals being prone to wear and aging.

Operating methods of industrial swing doors

Industrial swing doors come in single door and double door configurations. A single door refers to a door panel with one side as the door axis and the other side capable of opening and closing, while a double door consists of two door panels, each with its own door axis and capable of opening in two directions.

Industrial swing doors are further divided into unidirectional and bidirectional opening. Unidirectional opening means that the door can only open in one direction (either push inward or pull outward), while bidirectional opening means that the door panels can open in two directions (such as with spring doors). The term "swing door" is used as a relative term, as doors can also open in moving, upward, curtain-lifting, vertical-lifting, and rotating manners, among others.