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How to Select the Rolling Fire Door?

How to Select the Rolling Fire Door?

Rolling shutter door is the most common product in many shops. With the innovation of technology, rolling fire doors have been launched on the market one after another. So what is it like? Today, let's take a look at the introduction of rolling fire doors.

1. How about the rolling fire doors?

(1) Rolling fire door is a kind of fire prevention and heat insulation facility suitable for large openings in buildings. The product plays a certain role in terms of design and installation. Rolling fire doors are an indispensable fire protection facility in modern high-rise buildings. In addition to the role of ordinary doors, rolling fire doors have special functions of fire prevention, smoke isolation, fire suppression, and protection of personnel evacuation.

(2) The calculation of the size and area of rolling fire doors should be carried out according to the National Construction Project Budget and Final Accounting Standards. The types of rolling fire doors include composite steel rolling fire doors (fire and smoke prevention), inorganic premium rolling fire doors (double tracks and double curtains), steel composite water-spray mist rolling fire doors, steel composite lateral rolling fire doors, and steel composite horizontal rolling fire doors, inorganic premium folding rolling fire doors and modified versions of rolling fire door. 

2. Installation methods of rolling fire door

(1) There shall be no ventilation pipes, water pipes, etc. in the upper part of the opening where the rolling fire door is installed;

(2) After the rolling fire door is installed, install the ceiling, and the edge of the ceiling should be 50mm away from the roller shutter plate to avoid friction;

(3) When workers are debugging and using the rolling fire door, it is strictly forbidden to stand at the bottom. Electrical facilities shall not be dismantled without authorization;

(4) Fire management regulations should be followed;

(5) During the routine fire safety inspection every quarter, it is necessary not to miss the inspection on the chain lubricating oil of starting dynamo. This is also an important part of the omission of many property management units or fire protection units during inspections.

3. The use of rolling fire doors

Rolling fire doors are mainly used in large supermarkets (hypermarkets), large shopping malls, large professional material markets, large exhibition halls, factories, warehouses and other public places with fire protection requirements. When a fire occurs, the rolling fire door is automatically lowered (downward) according to the preset program under the control of the fire central control system, so as to prevent the flame from spreading to other areas and gain valuable time for the implementation of fire fighting.

4. The selection skills of rolling fire doors

(1) Look at the safety of rolling fire doors

Security is the most basic function of all kinds of door. Most of the rolling shutter doors use tumbler crossbar locks due to their large width. This kind of lock is simple and convenient, and the price is also low, but generally it cannot ensure safety well and is easily damaged. However, if there are people living in the room, because generally the sound related to the door is relatively loud, you can also choose this type of lock. If there are unguarded high-value rooms such as warehouses, it is obviously not suitable to choose the above lock, and rolling fire doors with high-strength materials and prying-resistant technology should be selected.

(2) Look at the noise made by the rolling fire doors

The biggest disadvantage of traditional rolling shutter doors is that they are noisy. The noise of opening and closing the door and the sound of the wind blowing keep coming and make people annoyed. Therefore, rolling fire doors with sound-absorbing technology should be selected for a living room.