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Standards and Quality Requirements During the Installation of Clean Room Doors

Standards and Quality Requirements During the Installation of Clean Room Doors

Ⅰ. Standard requirements before and during the installation of automatic clean room doors

What are the installation quality requirements for automatic clean room doors? The wide use of automatic doors has brought great convenience to people's lives, not only facilitating people's entry and exit, but also playing a good role in ventilation and energy saving in buildings. And during the installation process to analyze the installation quality requirements of automatic clean doors.

1. The door components of the clean room door should be firmly connected, and the installation structure of the components should have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the drive, control and ensure that the door can be opened and closed freely.

2. The levelness of the door beam guide rail is not more than 1mm per m.

3. The verticality of the frame shall not exceed 1mm per m.

4. The vertical plane where the lower guide rail and the clean room door beam guide rail are located should be parallel, and the parallelism should not exceed 1mm per meter of length.

5. The matching gap between the door frame and the door leaf should be uniform. When fully closed, the limit deviation of the gap between the moving fan and the frame or the vertical edge of the fixed fan should be no more than ±1.5mm; the limit deviation of the gap between the fan and the fan should be no more than ±1.5mm.

6. During operation, the moving fan shall not scrape or rub with the door beam cover, the fixed fan and the ground. Door accessories and accessories should be installed in an accurate, complete and firm position, play their respective roles, have sufficient strength, and be flexible in opening and closing.

Ⅱ. The quality requirements of clean room doors

1. Clean room doors must be resistant to corrosion

Hospitals are disinfected with disinfectant every day, which corrodes the doors and easily peels and fades. Moreover, the sweat on human hands is also very corroded, and the flow of people in the hospital is very large. Excessive sweat will definitely make the inner door fade. If the inner door cannot withstand these daily corrosion, it will not take long for the door to look old and the decorative performance will be reduced.

2. The clean room door must be moisture-proof and waterproof

The daily cleaning work of the hospital is also a big test for the inner door. If the door is not moisture-proof or waterproof, the skin will swell in the light, and it will be moldy and rot in the serious. Therefore, the clean room door must be both moisture and waterproof.

3. The fixation of clean room door and door cover must be firm and firm

One of the biggest features of medical cleanroom doors is their frequent opening and closing. Regular inspections by medical staff, injections and dressing changes, bed inspections by doctors, and visits by family members, the inner door in the hospital is opened and closed hundreds of times a day. .

4. The clean room door must be resistant to impact and scratches

The inner door of the hospital will inevitably be collided with hard objects such as hospital beds and wheelchairs, and sometimes the collision is very strong. In addition, the hospital is a public place with many people, and violent use such as kicking the door and slamming the door is inevitable. If the strength of the door is not enough to prevent these violent use, it will inevitably lead to the inability to continue to use the inner door.