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Tips for Daily Protection of Industrial Door

Tips for Daily Protection of Industrial Door

Industrial door is commonly used facilities for enterprises, suitable for industries with high requirements for opening speed, insulation, sound insulation, sealing, wind resistance, etc., such as various types of factories, large warehouses, special warehouses, logistics industries, pharmaceuticals, food, mining and other industrial and mining enterprises, especially when the door opening is large and inconvenient to install on the ground door body.

Types of industrial door 

Industrial door is mainly divided into various types of industrial sliding door, industrial lifting door, rapid rolling door, aircraft hangar door, wind-resistant rolling door, hard and fast rolling door, etc., which can be selected according to different purchasing needs.

Details of industrial door maintenance

During the daily use of industrial door, there will be some problems such as wear and rust, which will reduce the service life of industrial doors. Therefore, industrial doors also need to be inspected and maintained regularly during use, which can reduce the failure rate of industrial door, increase the service life of industrial doors, and reduce production costs. So, what are the details of industrial door maintenance?

  •  Avoid hitting the industrial door with hard objects or scratching the surface of the profile.

  • Clean the dust on the industrial door body regularly, keep the industrial door, transparent windows, and hardware accessories clean and refreshing, and use soft cotton cloth to clean it. Do not use cloth with too hard material to avoid damaging the door body. It can be wiped with a degreaser, and strong acid or alkaline solutions should not be used for cleaning, as this can easily damage the surface finish of the profile and the protective film and oxide layer on the surface of the hardware accessories, causing rusting of the hardware accessories.

  • When manually opening the industrial door, the force used should be moderate, and try to keep the speed of opening and closing evenly.

  • When using industrial door, pay attention to the inside of the track at all times. If there are granular foreign objects inside the track, they should be cleaned up in time to avoid blocking the guide rail and causing the guide rail to run smoothly and jamming.

  • The maintenance period of the industrial door motor is half a year, and the reducer should add lubricating oil at least once every half a year. In addition, the various components of the motor should be inspected regularly and replaced in time.

  • For the torsion spring of the industrial door, if it becomes loose after a period of use, it should be tightened in time, and if it needs to be replaced, it should be replaced immediately. All screws, including spring screws and tight screws on the industrial door, need to be inspected regularly. If any screw is found to be loose, it should be immediately reinforced.

  • The safety airbag of the industrial door should be inspected regularly to ensure that it is not damaged by external forces. Otherwise, if the safety airbag leaks, it will lose its protection function.

  • During the use of the industrial door, it is strictly forbidden to dismantle and replace any components to avoid danger. If any abnormal situation such as the door body is not flexible when opening is found, the cause should be found in time. If the fault cannot be eliminated on your own, you should contact the industrial door manufacturer in time and request that professional personnel be dispatched to the site to promptly eliminate the fault.