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Advantages and Positioning Methods of Fast Roller Shutter Doors

Advantages and Positioning Methods of Fast Roller Shutter Doors

Ⅰ. The safety advantages of fast roller shutter doors

The fast roller shutter door is known as the safety door of modern buildings, and it is used in modern intelligent complex buildings and buildings with strict fire protection requirements.

The fast roller shutter door has a reasonable structure and excellent fire performance. Its electronic control system is equipped with control signals of smoke, temperature and heat sensing elements to cooperate with the fire control center to realize linkage, and at the same time, an on-site emergency control device is set to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel in the event of a fire.

In the event of a fire, its smoke and temperature detectors detect smoke and temperature signals, and the controller sends an action command to the rolling door machine, and the rolling door machine works to complete the work of lowering and closing the fire shutter, thereby preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Because of these advantages, fast roller shutter doors are called the safety doors of modern buildings.

Ⅱ. The positioning method of the fast roller shutter door

Among many types of rolling shutter doors, the fast roller shutter door refers to the door with a fast running speed of more than 0.6 meters per second. It is a fast-moving and barrier-free isolation door. Its main function is to quickly isolate, thereby ensuring the dust-free air quality of the workshop.

PVC high speed doors have many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect prevention, windproof, dustproof, sound insulation, fireproof, anti-odor, lighting, etc., which can meet high-performance logistics and clean places, and save energy. High-speed automatic shutdown improves operating efficiency and creates a better environment. Advantages of the working environment.

There are currently two main positioning methods for fast roller shutter doors: mechanical positioning and encoder positioning.

1. Mechanical positioning: This positioning method is similar to that of steel rolling gates. The advantage is that it is fast and has low requirements for the controller.

2. Encoder positioning: The elevators we often take are all positioned with rotary encoders. The advantage of this method is that the positioning is accurate. Theoretically, the accuracy can reach 0.3mm, but the rotary encoder itself is expensive and belongs to precision. The components are relatively delicate and need to be used in conjunction with the PLC program, so the cost of the control system is relatively high. If it is used improperly, the loss will be quite serious.

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