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What Are the Types of Industrial Swing Doors and What Are Their Components?

What Are the Types of Industrial Swing Doors and What Are Their Components?

Today, we are going to introduce the industrial swing door, which is widely used in various industries as an outward opening door. It is usually seen in large doors such as industrial plants and warehouses. Due to its excellent wind resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, soundproofing and safety, as well as its low mechanical failure rate, smooth operation and ease of use, it is highly favored by the market.

Classification of industrial swing doors

According to the door type and opening mode

According to this method, industrial swing doors are divided into single swing doors and double swing doors. Single swing doors have only one door panel, with one side fixed as the door hinge and the other side for opening and closing, and can only be opened and closed in one direction. Double swing doors have two door panels, each with a door hinge, can be opened and closed in two different directions or to two different directions. If the factory or warehouse site is small, the passage is narrow, or it is only used for small vehicles and pedestrians, a single swing door can be chosen. If the site is large, the passage is wide, and large vehicles need to pass, a double swing door will be chosen.

According to different material methods

According to different material methods, industrial swing doors include stainless steel doors, aluminum alloy doors, plastic steel doors, solid wood doors, copper doors, etc., which can be chosen according to personal preferences.

According to the internal motor method

According to the internal motor method, industrial swing doors can also be divided into curved arm swing doors, support arm swing doors, and ground rolling swing doors.

What material is the industrial swing door made of?

The industrial swing door is made of color steel plate and filled with reinforcement and polyurethane foam material. It is suitable for the insulation, sound insulation, and heat insulation of large warehouses and factory doors. The width of the industrial lift door panel can reach 21 meters. The configuration of industrial swing doors uses 2mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel plate, which is sprayed and formed, and high-temperature baked. This improves the product's corrosion resistance, durability, and aesthetics. The guide rails have support plates on both sides to increase strength and aesthetics.

The large industrial door is equipped with a manual clutch, which can be manually operated in the event of a power outage or emergency. The control method usually uses radio remote control operation or control box button operation, which makes the door body accurately positionable. The industrial swing door is also equipped with anti-fall device, airbags (optional), to prevent the door body or door bottom from colliding with obstacles, to automatically stop or reverse the operation of the door, and to avoid accidents; anti-wire rope breaking device, torsion spring breaking device. The possibility of hurting people and things in any way is increased, which improves the safety performance of industrial doors.

Regarding the electric opening of industrial swing doors, ground-buried motors, swing arm motors, ground-rolling motors, and other methods can be chosen. Any electric swing door can easily switch between electric and manual operation, with flexible installation and space saving. When there is an obstacle with a certain force during the door body operation, the electric swing door will stop running.