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How to Choose a Hospital Door?

How to Choose a Hospital Door?

Hospital doors are mainly used in the public space of hospitals. For special places in hospitals, the flow of people is large, patients are dense, and collisions or cross-infections are prone to occur. Therefore, when we choose hospital doors, we mainly consider the following points.

1. The safety performance of hospital doors

Safety and durability are the primary factors for choosing a hospital door, so how to choose a safe, durable hospital door?

First of all, materials are selected according to the different kinds of doors, especially paying attention to the special indoor doors in hospitals. Special indoor doors are designed to highlight the characteristics of medical function modules, such as emergency room doors, outpatient doors, operating room doors, clean room doors, radiation-proof doors, etc. Hospital doors are made of wooden doors, resin doors, composite doors, steel doors, etc. From the perspective of these materials, steel doors have been chosen for hospital construction in recent years. The surface materials of qualified medical steel doors are made of It is a hot-melt galvanized steel panel that is sprayed with high-voltage electrostatic powder.

2. The production process of hospital doors

The production process is related to the service life of the door, and it also affects the safety. For example, the hardware parts such as the lock piece and the hinge of the hospital door cannot be easily loosened. Screws, rivets, and welding are used to fix the door. Because the opening frequency of the hospital door is high, if the screws are loose and the solder joints fall off, there will be safety problems. Now the high-end medical steel door leaves basically adopt the occlusal structure, which can never be separated; A sealing buffer strip is embedded on the door frame for later disassembly.

3. Antibacterial properties of hospital doors

There are many patients in the hospital, and cross-infection is prone to occur. Door handles and door leaves of all kinds of doors in hospitals, such as hospital corridor doors, are places that people are easy to touch. It is very important to use antibacterial treatment on all door handles and door surfaces. Qualified medical door surface coatings use antibacterial powder coatings; Silver ions are added to the powder, which can slow down the rapid fission of bacteria.

4. Apperance of hospital doors

Aesthetics is also a very important factor, which can improve the comfort of doctors and patients, and the color can be customized according to the surrounding environment.

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