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Assembly and Precautions for Industrial Swing Doors

Assembly and Precautions for Industrial Swing Doors

Installation of Industrial Swing Doors

1. Adjust the door leaf at various parts to the required dimensions while standing vertically in the opening. The door leaf should be kept vertical.

2. Initially spot weld the upper and lower door hinges on the embedded parts in the opening and the door leaf border. During assembly, ensure that the upper and lower door hinges are on the same vertical line, otherwise the resistance to opening and closing the door leaf is high and the door hinge is easily damaged. After the initial spot welding, quickly press the door down while ensuring that the door leaf will not fall over. Try to open and close the door leaf manually. It should be able to rotate flexibly and smoothly without obstruction, then weld the door hinge firmly.

3. Install the electrical door opener and connect the door opener linkage with the door leaf. Install the electric plug on the door leaf border and adjust it so that it can lock the door leaf after opening and closing.

4. Adjust the door leaf center seam and the four-sided sealing strip according to the size requirements of the industrial swing door, so that when the door leaf is closed, the gap can be tightly sealed with the sealing strip.

5. The electrical control box should be installed indoors for easy maintenance. The installation of the door opener and electric plug should comply with the electrical installation regulations, and the protective grounding wire should be properly connected to ensure equipment and personal safety.

6. After verifying that all relevant parts meet the requirements, connect the power supply and press the control button repeatedly to adjust the travel switch, so that the door opener can stop running after the door leaf is in place.

Precautions for installing Industrial Swing Doors

  • Before installation, check whether the hinge matches the door frame and door leaf.

  • Check whether the hinge slot matches the height, width, and thickness of the hinge.

  • Check whether the hinge and its connecting screws and fasteners are matched.

  • The connection method of the hinge should match the material of the frame and leaf. For example, the hinge used for a steel frame and wooden door should be welded on one side that connects with the frame and fixed with wooden screws on the other side that connects with the wooden door leaf.

  • In the case of the two-piece hinge plate of the hinge being asymmetric, it should be identified which hinge plate should be connected to the door leaf and which hinge plate should be connected to the door frame. The side connected to the three sections of the axis should be fixed to the frame, and the side connected to the two sections of the axis should be fixed to the frame.

  • When installing industrial swing doors, ensure that the axes of the hinges on the same leaf are on the same vertical line to prevent the door leaf from becoming unbalanced.

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